Coach and Coordinator podcast: Brian Kight (3/14/17)

By Stephen Spiewak | Posted 3/14/2017

In this episode of USA Football’s Coach and Coordinator podcast, Brian Kight joins the show to discuss all things culture. Kight, the CEO of Focus 3, discusses why culture is so much more than posters on the wall and why coaches need to have a plan for establishing culture—the same way they have a plan for installing offenses and defenses. 

Show notes

  • 2:00  Who is coaching the coaches?
  • 3:38  Why business is the inverse of sports
  • 5:48  Why culture is more than just posters on the wall
  • 7:41  The three things that comprise culture
  • 11:03  "Core Values" and why they're harder to install than any offense
  • 13:10  Culture does not exist to make people feel good
  • 15:15  Need for a system for culture
  • 19:20  Coach quiz
  • 25:21  Getting started with building a culture system
  • 29:49  Why assistant coaches are critical to culture
  • 32:53  Not everyone will buy into your culture—and why that's OK
  • 36:38  No BCD: Blame, complain, defend
  • 40:40  The importance of responses (E + R = O)
  • 46:05  Establishing a performance pathway
  • 51:16  Resources for HS coaches

Listen to the full podcast episode below: