Coach and Coordinator podcast: Randy Jackson (3/28/17)

By Stephen Spiewak | Posted 3/28/2017

Randy Jackson is the guest on today’s episode of USA Football’s Coach and Coordinator podcast. Jackson is the head coach at North Forney (Texas) after stints at Mesquite Poteet, Plano East and Grapevine. An active social media user, Jackson also recently published a book titled “Culture Defeats Strategy”, where he offers tangible steps coaches can take to develop culture in their program. In this podcast, Jackson discusses why he coaches like his hair is on fire, how repetition is critical to the success of the no-huddle offense and why his assistant coaches need to fix mistakes quickly in practice—or wait until film review to address them.

Show notes

  • 1:04   Start as football coach
  • 2:30   Lessons learned at first coaching job
  • 3:41   Learning to coach people
  • 4:44   Practicing like your hair is on fire
  • 5:38   Coaching philosophy
  • 7:09   Building culture
  • 10:08   White t-shirts and how Jackson has players pick their lockers
  • 12:17   Offensive philosophy inspired by Tony Franklin
  • 15:16   Translating concepts to the field 
  • 17:02   Inside Zone Bruin and what makes it successful
  • 18:34   Weekly game-planning and presenting base plays with different "wrapping paper"
  • 20:38   Why Jackson's assistants need to fix mistakes fast, or wait until film review
  • 22:24   No Sweat Wednesday
  • 25:20   Play call under pressure
  • 28:02   Softest coverage, shortest throw
  • 29:33   Why Jackson keeps a mannequin in the locker room
  • 30:25   Why coaches need to take care of themselves
  • 31:10   Don't get into coaching to win games 
  • 33:07   How Jackson uses Facebook with his team
  • 34:58   Looking ahead
  • 35:38   Using drones
  • 37:06   Creating balance
  • 41:44   Two-minute drill


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