Coach and Coordinator podcast: Kevin Rose (4/12/17)

By Stephen Spiewak | Posted 4/12/2017

Kevin Rose, the head coach at Bob Jones, is today's guest on the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast. He discusses the importance of evaluating every single rep, why his team has a near-flawless record in overtime and the keys to his Sluggo concept that has been instrumental in helping Bob Jones High School be so successful.

Show notes

  • 1:02   Starting as a coach
  • 2:49   Key points in coaching development
  • 3:32   Coach philosophy and building culture
  • 5:38   Keeping practice fun, so players want to be there
  • 7:16   Why Rose always takes the ball if he wins the coin toss 
  • 9:26   The importance of having practices planned out in great detail
  • 10:38   Film your practice, so you can evaluate every single rep
  • 11:40   Get your best players the ball in your best plays, regardless of where they line up
  • 13:19   Refining your game plan and planning for overtime
  • 16:09   Rose’s Sluggo/Slant concept and the importance of timing 
  • 18:47   Mistakes made as a young coach
  • 19:44   "Don't ever look surprised."
  • 22:05   The significance of universal football language
  • 23:55   Batman's super power
  • 25:06   Utilizing technology
  • 26:11   Creating balance
  • 27:17   Concerns for future of the game
  • 29:40   Y Delay
  • 36:17 The importance of having the mental edge

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