Coach and Coordinator podcast: Joe Eisenmann (4/26/17)

By Stephen Spiewak | Posted 4/26/2017

USA Football’s own, Joe Eisenmann, sits down with Keith on today’s episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast.

Eisenmann, USA Football’s director of high performance and education, discusses performance as part of team culture, the need for high school coaches in different sports to communicate and the value of dynamic warmups.

Show notes

  • :58   Eisenmann's background
  • 3:15   Becoming a high performance coach
  • 4:12   An integrated, holistic approach to sports performance
  • 5:37   Evolution of "the strength coach"
  • 8:33   The high performance coach as part of the team culture
  • 10:08   Building mental toughness
  • 11:03   Keeping things fun
  • 13:00   The need for communication between high school coaches of different sports
  • 15:35   The role of athletic directors in safeguarding athlete wellness
  • 17:10   Dynamic warmups
  • 20:47   Agility
  • 23:27   How coaches can develop an eye for high performance

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