Coach and Coordinator podcast: John Rose (4/28/17)

By Stephen Spiewak | Posted 4/28/2017

Today’s guest is retired Iowa high school football coach John Rose. Rose, whose expertise lies in offensive line play, breaks down his approach to coaching the offensive line, including building from your established scheme, creating drills that benefit your team’s specific approach on game day and why true player confidence comes from preparation, not pregame speeches.

Show notes

  • :32   Start as a coach
  • 2:58   The fun (and unique challenges) of coaching the offensive line
  • 4:59   Building confident players through preparation
  • 7:11   Start with the blocking scheme, and build plays and drills from there
  • 10:44   Building your own drills
  • 14:42   Drilling gap scheme
  • 17:18   Yelling too much as a young coach
  • 18:28   Best coaching advice received
  • 20:08   Advice to a young coach
  • 22:03   Rose's book
  • 25:31   The winning edge


Coach Grabowski's 3 key takeaways

  1. The confident player—the importance of building confidence in your players
  2. Having an agreed upon run game that you stick with throughout the season
  3. Creating drills that replicate what's happening for your team on game day


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