Coach and Coordinator podcast: Mark Bruns (5/8/17)

By Stephen Spiewak | Posted 5/8/2017

Today’s guest on the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast is Mark Bruns. Bruns is the defensive coordinator at Coldwater (Ohio), one of the top small-school programs in Ohio. In 2015, Coldwater finished 15-0, winning a state title and allowing just 99 points the entire season. Bruns discusses his base 4-4 defense, how success breeds more success and how young coaches can make themselves indispensable by mastering technology:

Show notes

  • 1:17   Start as a football coach
  • 2:42   Key lessons in development
  • 4:10   Expectation of playing 15 games per season
  • 5:53   Dealing with expectations as a coaching staff
  • 7:36   How deep playoff runs can develop players (more games, more reps)
  • 9:00   Keeping things fun during a 15-week season
  • 10:42   A typical practice at Coldwater
  • 14:58   Inside Coldwater's defense
  • 17:11   Creating a defensive "system" and the need to make adjustments quickly
  • 19:25   The value in scheduling a variety of teams in non-conference play
  • 21:25   Technology (and how young coaches can embrace it)
  • 23:21   Mistakes made as a young coach
  • 24:20   Best coaching advice received
  • 25:11   Advice to a young coach
  • 26:13   Creating balance
  • 29:35   Two-minute drill
  • 31:04   The winning edge

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