Coach and Coordinator podcast: Ken Niumatalolo (5/22/17)

By Stephen Spiewak | Posted 5/22/2017

Ken Niumatalolo is today’s guest of the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast. Niumatalolo has been on the Navy staff since 2002 and has been the program’s head coach since 2002, posting a record of 77-42 during that stretch. He sits down with Keith Grabowski to discuss program culture at Navy, staff accountability and the advantages to running the triple option in Division I football.

Show notes

  • 0:52   Start as a football coach
  • 1:59   Key points in coaching development
  • 4:41   Why the Triple Option works for Navy
  • 6:08   Building culture at the Naval Academy
  • 9:40   Having a "Why" as a program, and holding the staff accountable
  • 12:56   Onboarding freshmen
  • 15:01   Working in the RPO
  • 17:07   Evolution of blocking in triple option
  • 18:45  The advantages of running the triple option at the Division I level
  • 22:06   Coaches need to have answers. In real time.
  • 23:38   Best coaching advice received (and advice to young coaches)
  • 25:44   Coaching in the Army-Navy Game
  • 27:20   Creating balance
  • 30:06   The winning edge

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Video: Niumatalolo on teaching life lessons through coaching