Saved by an AED: High school student works to educate others on importance of AEDs, CPR

By Annmarie Toler | Posted 6/2/2017

Charlie Curtis knows just how fast life can change.

During his freshman year of high school, Curtis was running laps for a fitness test and the next minute he was passed out on the ground.

Luckily for Curtis, Plant High School (Tampa, Fla.) nurse Kayla Spilman knew exactly what to do.

Spilman told Bay News 9 of Tampa, “I grabbed the trauma bag and as soon as I saw Charlie, I knew he needed the AED (Automatic External Defibrillator).”

Thanks to Spilman's quick thinking and training, she was able to save Curtis.

Ever since the incident, Curtis wears a pacemaker and takes heart medication.

The incident has set him on a mission to help save lives. Curtis began working with the American Heart Association and is now an advocate for defibrillators.

Curtis even started a school club, the “WHAT Club—World Health and Treatment.”

He wants to raise awareness and understanding around AEDs and CPR.

“We get a lot of people educated on CPR,” he said.

As Curtis finishes up his senior year of high school, he plans to attend the University of Florida, but he will never forget the nurse who saved him.

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