Coach and Coordinator podcast: Joe Eisenmann (6/2/17)

By Stephen Spiewak | Posted 6/2/2017

Joe Eisenmann, USA Football’s director of High Performance and Education, returns to the Coach and Coordinator podcast in today’s episode. He and Keith discuss the concept and definition of conditioning, why it’s important to involve the mental side into a program’s conditioning efforts and how the development of a Fatigue Index can help programs assess football-specific conditioning.

Show notes

  • :38   Defining "conditioning"
  • 2:21   The three energy systems and why training for cross country should be different than training for football
  • 5:44   Energy systems are not light switches--they're dimmer knobs
  • 7:51   Don't condition just for the sake of conditioning
  • 10:45   Blending mental conditioning and physical conditioning
  • 17:45   Repeat Sprint Ability (RSAs) and creating a Fatigue Index
  • 21:15   The two cornerstones of recovery

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