[PODCAST] Coach and Coordinator: Tim Foster (6/28/17)

By Stephen Spiewak | Posted 6/28/2017

Reinhardt University (Waleska, Ga.) passing game coordinator Tim Foster joins Keith in today’s episode of the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast. Foster discusses his Wing T offense, and how, in an era of football obsessed with spread offenses, it can be a valuable weapon. He also dives into how (and why) he quizzes players by having them draw plays.

Show notes

  • 1:35   Coaching multiple positions in the Wing T
  • 2:55   The foundation for the Wing T
  • 5:18   The Wing T as competitive advantage in a spread era
  • 6:42   The core of Foster's Wing T: Belly
  • 10:20   Coaching the full depth chart and juggling playing time
  • 12:00   Coaching three different position
  • 13:30   Building culture around the concept of "finishing"
  • 15:23   Teaching and technology
  • 16:34   Quizzing players by having them draw plays
  • 17:50   Transitioning from player to coach (and understanding what changes)
  • 18:51   The importance of being a good recruiter
  • 21:30   Developing relationships with players
  • 23:40   Balancing football and family
  • 24:55   Two-minute drill
  • 26:02   The winning edge

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