[PODCAST] Coach and Coordinator: Dan McKenna (6/29/17)

By Stephen Spiewak | Posted 6/29/2017

Special teams guru Dan McKenna is today’s guest of the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast. McKenna serves as the special teams coordinator at Methodist University (Fayetteville, N.C.). McKenna discusses why the entire coaching staff needs to be on the same page when it comes to special teams. He also dives into the need for (most) starters to have a role on special teams, why special teams coordinators need to rely on other assistant coaches and when to play it safe (versus when to get aggressive).

Show notes

  • :43   Coaching specials at the Division III level
  • 2:40   Developing culture on a special teams unit (and why the head coach needs to be all in)
  • 4:36   All starters should be on at least one special team (except QB and OL)
  • 7:56   Identifying players for special teams roles
  • 9:30   Utilizing other assistant coaches within the special teams framework
  • 11:35   Utilizing technology to teach
  • 15:14   The art of the return
  • 16:20   Two-minute drill
  • 21:28   The winning edge

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