[PODCAST] Coach and Coordinator: Dan Tudor (7/13/17)

By Katelyn Lemen | Posted 7/13/2017

Dan Tudor joins Keith on today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast. Tudor is a recruiting guru, and has a company devoted to it. Tudor Collegiate Strategies focus is to develop unique communication strategies for college coaches, athletic departments and admissions departments. In the podcast, Tudor discusses the importance of recruiting in all levels of football, how to create a “story” and how coaches should leverage the power of social media.

Show notes

  • 2:25   The importance of recruiting in all levels of football
  • 6:12   Creating consistency in your team message
  • 11:12   Coaches are marketers
  • 14:25   Tips on creating a strong team message
  • 19:31   Coaches can benefit from using social media
  • 24:38   How making a “sale” can equal wins
  • 30:54   Connecting with Dan

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