[PODCAST] Coach and Coordinator: Paul Golla (7/26/17)

By Katelyn Lemen | Posted 7/26/2017

Paul Golla sits down with Keith Grabowski on today’s Coach and Coordinator podcast. Golla is the head coach at Bakersfield High School (Calif.) where he led the Drillers 11-3 this season. Bakersfield is perennially one of the state's top teams and even went undefeated in the 2011 season. In the podcast, Golla discusses how he instills character in his players, his Triple Option offense and how he utilizes technology.

Show notes

  • :34   Why Golla became a football coach
  • 2:20   Maslow's hierarchy of needs to instill character
  • 6:25   Why Golla and his staff read books together
  • 8:01   His 12 monthly phases of football philosophy
  • 10:13   Breaking down the triple-option offense
  • 12:44   Alternating between Midline, Veer and  Load schemes.
  • 18:32   Why Option is the only selfless offense
  • 20:56   Keys to developing QBs for Triple Option
  • 22:55   Improvements in technology
  • 23:58   Experimenting with virtual reality
  • 26:31   Two-minute drills
  • 28:31   The winning edge

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