Ohio high school football team rescues couple from a rocky river

By Annmarie Toler | Posted 8/10/2017

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Image via Fox 8

A high school football team was enjoying a team-building exercise off the gridiron in preparation for the upcoming season in late July when they came across something unexpected.

The Cardinal High School football players (Middlefield, Ohio) were canoeing down the Cuyahoga River when they spotted a couple in their 70s in trouble.

Head Coach Eric Cardinal told Fox 8, "They were stuck in a situation they couldn't handle." Fortunately for the couple, the team jumped into action without hesitation.

The couple's canoe was stuck on rocks. Members of the team were able to use their oars to get the man to safety, who had been treading water alongside the canoe for 20 minutes. The woman was in the canoe holding onto a tree branch when the team was able to rescue her.

Both the couple and members of the football team will be in attendance at the next school board meeting where the team will be honored for their actions.