[PODCAST] Coach and Coordinator: Shawn Myszka (8/23/17)

By Adam Wire | Posted 8/23/2017

Today’s USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast, part of the High Performance Series, features Shawn Myszka, the pro performance director of Explosive Edge Athletics in Minneapolis, where he consults several NFL athletes. Myszka and USA Football’s Dr. Joe Eisenmann discuss movement and agility in football with host Keith Grabowski.

Show notes

  • 1:49      How Myszka got his start in studying football player movement
  • 7:26      How you teach agility and reaction on the field
  • 12:38   How to teach agility concepts to high school players
  • 20:33   How to teach fundamental agility drills to youth players
  • 24:51    Myszka’s views on “The Agility Ladder”
  • 31:20    Tips that will improve player agility drills


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