[PODCAST] Coach and Coordinator: The Leadership Journey (9/12/17)

By Katelyn Lemen | Posted 9/12/2017

Brian Kight and Keith Grabowski team up for this special Leadership Journey edition of the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast. This podcast will occur weekly throughout the season, focusing on issues that teams face during the season. Kight, the CEO of Focus 3, discusses building connections in today’s podcast.

Show notes

  • 1:17       Breaking down the word “connection”
  • 4:32      Relationships are built around 3 things
  • 7:50       Players want to know if coaches care about them
  • 9:34      Difference between foundation and function
  • 13:33     Surface level concerns coaches need to understand
  • 14:52     Acknowledging players for who they are
  • 17:22     Learn how to use SnapChat
  • 19:41     When authority exceeds influence, problems occur
  • 24:05     4 things that make the connection
  • 29:09     Invest a week into caring and listening
  • 32:17      Taking ownership of your attitude


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