What to do when cable or satellite issues keep you from watching your football team

By Annmarie Toler | Posted 9/12/2017

Gearing up for a football-filled weekend?

What happens when you suddenly discover you can't watch the game?

Whether there’s a contractual dispute or technical issues, here are a few options that will allow you to watch the game, even when you can’t receive that channel or the game gets interrupted.

Sister stations

Some major stations have substations that carry additional programming.

PlamBeachPost.com brought this to the attention of its readers when major stations in the area provided 24-hour Hurricane Irma coverage.

West Palm Beach Channel 12 had a sister station 12.2, and CBS affiliate Channel 4 in Miami sister station is 4.2, be able to pick up those stations may allow viewers to watch a game.

Digital antenna

Sometimes you have to resort to the old-fashioned way, using an indoor or outdoor antenna.  Click here to check out how to use a digital antenna


Another option to catch the games is streaming. Many online services offer customers the option to stream games. NFL.com gives fans the option of Game Pass, which will allow them to view every NFL game with many options.

Football fans also have the streaming options on other stations that televise games, such as CBS All-Access, NBC Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports and many more.


You may not be able to watch the game, but you can usually listen. One or two of your local radio stations and even some XM stations will air games. While this option may not be ideal, it will allow you to follow along with a game.

Before stressing about missing a game, try a few of these options.