[PODCAST] Play of the Week: Tarik Cohen, Chicago Bears (9/13/17)

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 9/13/2017

(Photo via chicagotribune.com)

The “Movement Myagi,” Shawn Myszka joins Keith Grabowski on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast for a weekly segment highlighting an NFL play of the week from a functional movement perspective. Shawn discusses the play from a perspective of what movements the player performed and then extracts and gives tips for coaches to allow them to make their players better in game situations. Keith adds the football coach’s perspective in how those suggestions fit into practice.

Show Notes:

  • :24      Explanation of what will be shared in this weekly segment during the 2017 season.
  • 1:01    Movement is the key tenet of what happens on the field.
  • 1:41     Play of the week doesn’t necessarily follow the play diagram as it is drawn
  • 2:14    Chicago Bears, Tarik Cohen - a player who wasn’t mentioned much during draft time discussions
  • 2:45    Premises assisting in understanding the play of the week
  • 3:58    Explanation of the play - 2nd quarter 3:55 to go, 2nd and 7
  • 5:19    Affordance for action
  • 6:01    Step by step break down
  • 6:12    What can we learn from Cohen’s performance to create “human joystick-like” behavior?
  • 6:37    The ability to adapt and problem solve
  • 7:24    Setting up a problem and allowing players to solve it in authentic ways
  • 7:57    Ways to teach this as coaches
  • 9:07    It’s all about adapting
  • 9:24 Getting it done in a high school practice


Check out Cohen's play below.

Connect with Shawn Myszka on Twitter @movementmyagi and see his breakdown at footballbeyondthestats.wordpress.com/

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