Five things a quarterback should always remember

By Bill Hewitt | Posted 9/20/2017

As the quarterback, you don’t want to clutter your brain with too many things to think about and remember when you’re on the field, but you should always remember some general themes and abide by them whenever it’s possible.

Here is my list of five things to always remember as a quarterback:

1. Be prepared for all situations, on and off the field of play.

2. Always be in command and control of all the situations.

3. Have a total understanding of how the defenses work, with an understanding how to attack each situation. This includes passing concepts and route progressions.

4. Huddle control is very important. This includes eye contact, voice control and a positive attitude.

5. Mechanics are incredibly important. The quarterback’s feet and hip movements in and out of the pocket are vital. Practice being under pressure every day. This is a key to completion success. Remember the correct pronation release is critical to your success. From "A" frame to three-, five- or seven-step drop. Gather your step to "L" position to release.

As the quarterback, you are the key in the lock. You are the leader and must outsmart your opponents. Always stay one step ahead in order to win. Say less, but as the quarterback, what you say is important. Your teammates will listen. The key word is respect for all. Total teams win. Individual stars lose.

Here are a few things to work on every day during practice:

  • Football work
  • Handoff techniques and zone reads
  • Drops with correct depth
  • Turret resets
  • Sprint out foot work and release
  • Study film
  • Learn weaknesses and strengths of your teammates and the opponent
  • Walk through blocking assignments and adjustments

Bill Hewitt is a former college football coach, NFL scout and film grader for the Buffalo Bills. He also is a retired physical education teacher. Follow him on Twitter @HewittCoach.