[PODCAST] Play of the Week: LeGarrette Blount, Philadelphia Eagles (10/4/17)

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 10/4/2017

(Photo via nj.com)

The “Movement Myagi,” Shawn Myszka, joins Keith Grabowski on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast for a weekly segment highlighting an NFL play of the week from a functional movement perspective. Myszka discusses the play from a perspective of what movements the player performed and then extracts and gives tips for coaches to allow them to make their players better in game situations. Keith adds the football coach’s perspective in how those suggestions fit into practice.

Show notes

  • 1:00     Introducing the play
  • 1:45     A wider movement toolbox - carrying it out at the right time
  • 2:25     Possessing tremendous movement skill as a big man
  • 2:40     The play 2nd-and-6
  • 3:30     The agility skills of Blount - interaction with safety at 34-yard line
  • 4:15      Several options available for which Blount finds the right tool
  • 4:50     Affordances of action - what does the problem present?
  • 6:08     Keeping the defensive back hesitating
  • 6:23      The “Beast Mode” stuff
  • 6:57      Skill acquisition carry over
  • 7:14      Authentic movement for useable, problem solving, movement skill
  • 8:05     Advocate for emergence of movement signatures for players
  • 9:02     Representative task learning - how closely does training act and look like the game?
  • 9:56      LeGarrette Blount at the NFL Combine
  • 10:45    Make the practice environment and offseason tasks more like the game
  • 11:45     Game applicability - creating downhill runners
  • 12:31     Drill to create downhill runners with young running backs
  • 14:30    Get exposure toward scanning the environment
  • 14:50    Resources for this drill


Watch the play here:

Connect with Shawn Myszka on Twitter @movementmyagi and see his breakdown at footballbeyondthestats.wordpress.com/

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