[PODCAST] Coach & Coordinator, Tony Testa, West Virginia Wesleyan College (10/5/17)

By Katelyn Lemen | Posted 10/5/2017

Today’s guest on the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast is Tony Testa, offensive line coach and recruiting coordinator at West Virginia Wesleyan. In addition to successes on the field, Testa guided an academic turnaround that improved the team GPA by 0.8. He also helms WVWC football’s community service initiative, which has accumulated over 2,000 hours of service in the past 15 months. He previously worked as an offensive consultant and running backs coach at Baldwin Wallace. In the podcast he discusses the OODA Loop concept, communication and team culture. 

Show notes

  • 1:14   The OODA Loop military concept
  • 4:45   Breaking down West Virginia Wesleyan’s offense
  • 7:32   Teaching players quick communication and ownership
  • 12:05   Go Army Edge and other virtual reality tools
  • 14:53   How Testa sets up film meetings
  • 17:50   Getting the most out of walkthroughs
  • 21:33   Building team culture
  • 25:45   The winning edge


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