[PODCAST] Play of the Week: Adrian Peterson, Arizona Cardinals (10/19/17)

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 10/19/2017

(Photo via sports.yahoo.com)

The “Movement Myagi,” Shawn Myszka, joins Keith Grabowski on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast for a weekly segment highlighting an NFL play of the week from a functional movement perspective. Myszka discusses the play from a perspective of what movements the player performed and then extracts and gives tips for coaches to allow them to make their players better in game situations. Keith adds the football coach’s perspective in how those suggestions fit into practice.

Show notes

  • 2:38     The play
  • 3:45     Point of analysis
  • 4:25     Understanding opponents’ intentions
  • 5:05     Faking with eyes, head, and shoulders
  • 5:30     Body line and acceleration pattern
  • 6:02     Grimes was sound, but visual leads him astray
  • 6:35     Details that helped these skills emerge
  • 7:42     Peterson’s naturally high center of mass
  • 8:10     Post injury - restoring AP’s access to his full movement toolbox
  • 9:26     The outside foot power cut
  • 10:10   Creating a new performance point for movement patterns
  • 11:30    Functionally relevant movement patterns
  • 12:00   Examples
  • 15:16    Adding problem solving movement to everyday drills like QB/RB mesh drill

Watch the play below: (the play that's discussed comes at the 1:14 mark)

Connect with Shawn Myszka on Twitter @movementmyagi and see his breakdown at footballbeyondthestats.wordpress.com/

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