[PODCAST] Coach and Coordinator: Lessons from 2017, Ben Hammer (12/14/17)

By Brent Glasgow | Posted 12/14/2017


Photo via QC Online

In today’s “Lessons from 2017” edition of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, Rock Island (Ill.) High School coach and USA Football master trainer Ben Hammer joins host Keith Grabowski. Hammer discusses adjustments after unfortunate injuries, building coaching staff chemistry and on-field tactics.

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Show notes

  • 1:05: Addressing unforeseen depth issues
  • 5:40: Getting coaches (all the way down to middle school) on the same page
  • 7:25: Family-friendly schedule
  • 8:34: Alternating tempo
  • 10:55: What went right
  • 12:20: USA Football National Conference topic

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