USA Football 2-Minute Drill with Shadowman Sports: Tackling

By Brent Glasgow | Posted 3/7/2018

Whether you're a first-time youth football coach or a 30-year leader of a high school football program, proper fundamentals are the ultimate key to on-field success and increased safety.

With Shadowman Sports products, you can instruct athletes at full speed, year-round, while reducing player-on-player contact. They're ideal for football drills, with or without pads. It's up to you.

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Led by USA Football Senior Manger of Education and Training Andy Ryland, this three-video session focuses on youth football tackling drills to fine-tune that form fit at an early age.

1. Tight Angle Tackle, with ShadowBlock & Shadowman Junior - Linebackers

This exercise mimics what it takes to defeat a block and make the tackle in close quarters as the runner cuts through the hole, with an aiming point between the hips and numbers.



2. Form Tackle/Lift Drive, with Shadowman Junior - All defense

The Shadowman Junior's weighted base means players have to strike and drive upward, a key element of the pure form tackle. From a one-knee starting point, they explode and rip through with the arms.



3. Thigh and Roll, with Shadowman Junior - All defense

This wide-angle tackling drill, where a coach or player pulls the Shadowman Junior, also teaches athletes to explode through the target and roll through contact. 


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