[PODCAST] Coach and Coordinator: NCAA Leaders, Mike Fox (3/7/18)

By Nick Caputo | Posted 3/7/2018

Today’s guest on this “NCAA Leaders” edition of the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast is Mike Fox, defensive coordinator at The College at Brockport (New York). This past season, Brockport was at the top of NCAA Division III on the defensive side of the ball. Brockport finished No. 1 in sacks, No. 2 in interceptions, No. 3 in rushing defense, No. 4 in turnovers gained and No. 5 in defensive touchdowns. On today’s episode, Fox and host Keith Grabowski talk about leadership and applying pressure on the offense.

Show Notes

  • 2:35        Fox’s start in coaching
  • 5:40       Advice to young coaches
  • 8:15        Importance of learning from other coaches
  • 10:10     Lessons learned throughout Fox’s career
  • 15::36    Helping players learn
  • 17:55      Dividing up work for coaches
  • 23:10     Building leadership and culture
  • 27:05     Base defense
  • 28:35     Creating sacks
  • 30:50     Creating interceptions
  • 32:45     Defensive touchdowns
  • 36:50     Red zone defense
  • 39:30     The winning edge

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