The benefits of wearing football gloves

By Brent Glasgow | Posted 3/14/2018

Gloves have been used on the gridiron for decades, and for good reason. They produce results, like with the U.S. National Team at the annual International Bowl at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

"Football gloves enhance performance and add protection on the field. They feature technology to help promote a stronger grip, that provides an edge whether you’re trying to snag a ball out of the air or gain leverage in the trenches," said Gary Bethea, Product Category Director for Cutters, a leader in football gloves. "They also add a layer of protection to guard against cuts and abrasions on the field. They give you the confidence to play your hardest in a high-impact game."

United Sports Brands, which includes Cutters, Shock Doctor and McDavid, supplies gloves, mouthguards and other protective gear for the U.S. National Team at the annual International Bowl.

"Any time you can have a glove that carries the standard that Cutters has in the football market, it's a win for the U.S. National Team. Cutters has been an amazing partner and has helped be responsible for some of the amazing catches this past year at our International Bowl," U.S. National Team Senior Manager Aaron Ingram said.

Cutters, which produces gloves for various positions, features C-TACK, an all-weather grip enhancement in the palm.

Football player with Cutters gloves

Photo via United Sports Brands

"The added protection and grip technology can add more confidence on the field to help in all situations," Bethea said. "Specifically, the palm material can enhance grip and promote more sure-handed receptions, blocks and tackles. All gloves must conform to governing body rules to ensure there are no unfair material advantages in action. Cutters gloves conform at all levels and have industry-leading grip with C-TACK technology to give every player an edge.”

Here’s a look at the different Cutters gloves models designed for optimal performance and protection:

Cutters Rev & Rev Pro

Red Cutters Rev Pro football gloves

“Skill position gloves tend to be the lightest weight and have the most flexibility to give your hands freedom to perform at high speed on the perimeter or over the middle,” Bethea said. “These are great for players who will always have the ball in their hand or move the fastest, such as wide receivers, running backs and defensive backs.”

Cutters Force

Cutters white Force football gloves

“Lineman gloves like the Cutters Force – which have the thickest, heaviest padding with added wrist support – are best for offensive and defensive lineman, or any player looking for maximum support on the field,” Bethea said.

Cutters Gamer

Cutters blue Gamer football gloves

“All-purpose gloves, such as the Cutters Gamer, are a more versatile design that fit the widest array of positions,” Bethea said. “They’re flexible enough to be used by receivers, but feature more padding for a stronger structure that can better support frequent blocking and tackling.”

Christina Ehle-Fails, a certified athletic trainer at USA Football Power of Football school Fort Wayne Snider (Indiana), said glove choice is up to the athlete.

“It is completely up to them and their comfort and preference,” she said. “Most of the time, linemen prefer to wear them because they simply get so much wear and tear on their hands. Gloves provide another barrier to abrasions, lacerations, and contusions.”