[PODCAST] West Virginia State coach John Pennington on strategic flexibility

By Nick Caputo | Posted 3/20/2018

(Photo via wvsuyellowjackets.com)

Today’s guest on this “NCAA Leaders” edition of the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast is John Pennington, head coach at West Virginia State University. This past season, West Virginia State finished near the top in multiple categories in Division II, including No. 1 in red zone offense, No. 7 in third-down conversions, No. 14 in total offense and No. 14 in sacks allowed. On today’s episode, Pennington and host Keith Grabowski talk about player development and strategic flexibility.

Show Notes

  • 1:45        Pennington’s time at West Virginia University
  • 3:22        Pennington’s coaching philosophy
  • 4:35        Winning the “Ideal Mountaineer Man” award
  • 6:14        Pennington’s coaching journey
  • 10:18     Advantage of coaching multiple positions
  • 15:04     Type of offense at West Virginia State
  • 18:36     Favorite formation
  • 26:36     Six keys to being successful in the red zone
  • 34:48     Mental preparation
  • 37:16     Culture at West Virginia State
  • 44:30     The winning edge

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