[PODCAST] Catholic High School of Baton Rouge coach Gabe Fertitta talks program alignment, culture

By Nick Caputo | Posted 3/26/2018

(Photo via theadvocate.com)

Today’s guest on the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast is Gabe Fertitta, head coach at Catholic High School of Baton Rouge (Louisiana). This past season, in his first year as head coach, Fertitta led Catholic to win the 2017 LHSAA Division 1 State Championship. On today’s episode, Fertitta and host Keith Grabowski talk about program alignment and the cur dog culture at Catholic High School.

Show Notes  

  • 1:51        Coach Fertitta’s time at Catholic
  • 3:04       Culture at Catholic High School
  • 4:42       Making the switch to head coach
  • 7:30       Aligning with the culture
  • 11:30     Cur Dog culture
  • 15:25     Offense and defense at Catholic
  • 18:42     G-scheme concept
  • 24:54     Continuing to perform at a high level

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