5 things coaches don't want to hear from your child

By Janis Meredith | Posted 3/29/2018

Sometimes youth sports coaches want to plug their ears. There are some things they simply don't want to hear from their players.

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If your young athlete wants to be a positive presence, earn the coach's respect and stay on their radar, encourage them not to say these things around their coach:

1. "I can’t": A defeatist attitude shows negativity and lack of motivation.

2. "That was their fault": Blaming a teammate while trying to make yourself look good doesn't sit well with a coach.

3. "Do we have to do this?": Complaining about hard work impresses no one.

4. "I can do that better than them, Coach": The coach puts players in positions for a reason. Building up oneself only shows a lack of a team-first attitude.

5. "They aren't not doing their job": Your child may think complaining about a teammate will make that player look bad to the coach, while making your child look better. In reality, it makes your child look petty.

Help your child learn what it means to let effort do the talking for them. When that happens, their coach will be all ears.

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This is an updated version of a blog that originally published November 24, 2014.