[PODCAST] Lumen Christi Catholic School coach Herb Brogan on creating long-term success

By Brent Glasgow | Posted 5/8/2018

Photo via MLive High School Sports


On today's Coach and Coordinator podcast, ten-time state champion and 47-year coach Herb Brogan of Lumen Christi Catholic School (Jackson, Michigan) joins host Keith Grabowski. Brogan discusses what's kept him at one place for so long, how he dealt with the toughest of circumstances and his keys to sustained success.

Show notes

  • 0:55: What got Brogan into education and coaching
  • 1:40: Things Brogan realized he needed to succeed
  • 4:08: Spending nearly a half-century at one school
  • 6:55: Creating an environment that keeps assistant coaches long-term
  • 8:35: Difficult circumstances in how Brogan took over the program
  • 11:06: Offseason dedication
  • 14:35: The program’s explosive running offense 
  • 17:25: Spending time on younger kids, non-skill positions
  • 21:28: Pushing players to excel in today's society
  • 25:10: The future of the game
  • 30:10: The winning edge

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