[PODCAST] Killingly (Connecticut) High School coach Chad Neal talks about developing his players into leaders

By Matt Reed | Posted 6/13/2018

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The guest on today’s USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast is Chad Neal, head coach at Killingly (Connecticut) High School. Neal is in his 15th season as the head coach at Killingly and comes off an undefeated season and a Class M state championship. It is the first state championship in Neal’s coaching career and Killingly’s first undefeated season since 1953. At Killingly, Neal has compiled a 67-83 record, but has brought his team to at least the state semifinals each of the last three seasons.

Prior to coming to Killingly, Neal worked eight seasons at Putnam High School. He was promoted to head coach in his last season at Putnam before moving to Killingly. As an assistant coach, Neal worked as a defensive coordinator, special teams coach and freshman coach throughout seven seasons. Neal graduated from Nichols College (Massachusetts) with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration before getting a master’s degree in Education from Sacred Heart University (Connecticut).

On today’s podcast, Neal and host Keith Grabowski talk about how Neal brings his players together, uses a unique offense and is prepared for every situation.

Show Notes

  • 0:54     Journey into coaching
  • 1:52      Early lessons as a coach
  • 3:05     Promoting leadership and bringing the team together
  • 6:40     Using the leadership council to connect to the team
  • 7:42     Different techniques in determining team captains
  • 9:52     Combining vocal leaders and leaders by example
  • 12:32   Building friendships with fellow teammates
  • 14:46   More important for players to lead team than coaches
  • 16:00   Running an up-tempo offense with a power running game
  • 18:38   How their up-tempo offense has been officiated
  • 19:25    The scheme to run with a power running game
  • 21:53    Change in setting up a defensive formation
  • 23:31    Adjusting their offense slightly when trailing in a game
  • 25:17    Remaining with your formation in pressure situations
  • 26:38   Preparing players for in-game situations
  • 31:34    Players being prepared and confident for certain situations
  • 33:00   The Winning Edge


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