[PODCAST] Offensive consultant Dan Gonzalez talks about installing the game plan and reading the defense

By Matt Reed | Posted 6/29/2018


The guest on today’s USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast is Dan Gonzalez, former college football coach and current offensive consultant at Dan Gonzalez Football Consulting. Gonzalez played football four years at the University of Texas as a wide receiver. He was a part of the Southwest Conference championship team in 1994. Before graduating, Gonzalez was given his first coaching opportunity when he managed the passing game quality control as a senior at Texas. He sent one season after college as an assistant at Ranger College (Texas). Gonzalez went to Abilene Christian University for one year as a quarterback coach for one season but returned to Ranger College.

While working one season at Ranger as an offensive coordinator, he helped two players to all-conference selections. Gonzalez moved to high school football for two seasons at North Lamar High School (College). North Lamar had two winning seasons in a row for the first time in 20 years, while Gonzalez was the coach. Gonzalez moved back into college football at Lenoir-Rhyne University (North Carolina) as the co-offensive coordinator and quarterback/wide receiver coach. As a coach, Gonzalez helped Lenoir-Rhyne’s quarterback to set single-season passing records in yards, touchdowns and completions.

On today’s show, Gonzalez and host Keith Grabowski talk about different read concepts, installing the game plan and coaching to your player’s understanding.

Show Notes

  • 2:28     Accountability of a coach setting up 7-on-7 drills
  • 8:53     Having personnel that can adapt to different situations
  • 12:28   Drilling various types of receiver routes
  • 17:12    Helping players understand preseason install
  • 21:52   Tips for coaches in installing the game plan
  • 26:53   Using the RAM linebacker reads
  • 29:46   Working with the NINER reads of the secondary
  • 32:33   Implementing the ACTS progression with the quarterback
  • 35:34   Process of the quarterback’s scan reads of the defense


Here are diagrams of the plays Gonzalez and Grabowski discuss in the podcast.

diagram from podcast

diagram from podcast

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