[PODCAST] How long does it take to install your offensive game plan? 5 coaches weigh in

By Matt Reed | Posted 7/11/2018


On today’s USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast, it is another installment of “Your Call,” where we share responses on social media from high school and college coaches. The topic for today’s show is how long it takes to install the offensive game plan.

We received several different responses and had respondents on Twitter vote for either a three-day, four-day, five-day or six plus day install. The leading vote getter was a three-day install, with 32 percent voting for it. On the show, we have five coaches from across the country weighing in on how they install their offense. Their names, titles and social media info can be found below.

The website Smart Football recently published an article that discusses this debate. In it, it references college football coaches like West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen, Washington State coach Mike Leach and Jackson State offensive coordinator Hal Mumme, who have different approaches to installing offense.

Bobby Acosta – offensive coordinator, Bucknell University – Twitter: @CoachBA1010

Brett Dudley – offensive coordinator, Antioch High School (Concord, California) – Twitter: @CoachBDud

Terrance Banks – head coach, Newton High School (Covington, Georgia) – Twitter: @tbanks1906

Scott Morrison – head coach, Santiago High School (Corona, California) – Twitter: @ScottWMorrison

Dale Carlson – former college football coach – Twitter: @DaleCarlson63

In today’s show, the guests and host Keith Grabowski discuss different ways and timings of installing their offense and how to help players get the most understanding out of it.

Show Notes

  • 0:18     Intro about offensive install
  • 4:38     Bobby Acosta shares his thoughts about three-day install
  • 6:29     BA: How a three-day install is beneficial to player learning
  • 10:01   BA: Building variety in the install process
  • 17:00   Brett Dudley talks about his “rule of four” install
  • 20:04   BD: Building on the install from day to day
  • 22:37   BD: Bringing the “rule of four” install to the season
  • 25:40   Terrance Banks on using the three-day install
  • 27:22   TB: Implementing situational practice to install
  • 33:39   TB: Stage when players start to understand the game plan
  • 37:03   Scott Morrison discusses the philosophy on his three-day install
  • 40:40   SM: Install changes to a focus on situational practice
  • 43:43   SM: Preparing for the defenses the team may see
  • 45:26   Dale Carlson finishes the show with his four-day install
  • 49:51   DC: Making considerations for the offensive line
  • 52:18   DC: Ensuring the staff is being efficient with its time.


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