[PODCAST] Consultant and coach Dave Cisar discusses how to build a successful youth football program

By Matt Reed | Posted 7/17/2018


Today’s guest on the Coach and Coordinator podcast is Dave Cisar, founder of Winning Youth Football and the Screaming Eagles Youth Football Organization in Omaha, Nebraska. Cisar has worked as a consultant for youth football since 1998. He started the Screaming Eagles program to assist at-risk youth, completely free of charge for kids ages 6-14, with focuses on academics, character development and football.

Cisar participates in coaching clinics across the globe, and hosts his own with Winning Youth Football. In 2014, he got into reality TV with the show “Worst to First,” where he turned a struggling youth football team into a champion.

On today’s show, Cisar and host Keith Grabowski discuss how Cisar runs his youth football program and markets it to the community to build retention.

Show Notes

  • 0:49     Recruiting in youth football
  • 2:00     Status of youth football in terms of numbers
  • 3:13     How advertising youth football has changed
  • 3:56     Breaking down mission and brand statement
  • 6:58     Key points in what to include in your mission
  • 8:32     Similarities in successful programs
  • 10:06  How to start a youth football program
  • 11:21   New ways to advertise outside of newspapers/flyers
  • 16:18   Utilizing Facebook ads effectively
  • 17:53   Using in-season recruiting for your program
  • 23:07   Integrating players in a timely manner
  • 24:18   Getting people to buy into the marketing model
  • 26:08  Tips for high school coaches building football in their community

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