[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski talks about how to execute the 4-minute offense

By USA Football | Posted 9/12/2018


This week on the Coach and Coordinator podcast, host Keith Grabowski talks about some of the different ideas on how to execute the 4-minute offense and how to handle some play calls in a backed-up situation. Two situations may be over looked in the scheme of practice and can become crucial in games when managed and or executed poorly. Grabowski points out the commonalities in these situations and explains the benefit of addressing both these issues together.

Show Notes

01:00 Commonalities in 4-minute and backed up offense

01:15 Backed up importance of ball handling

01:45 Adding extra gaps

02:10 Utilizing heavy personnel

03:15 Take away the edge

03:40 Getting the first down

04:00 Get downhill

05:00 Same concepts in 4-minute offense

05:15 Spread the defense with gaps

06:00 Have a protected shot

07:00 Avoiding chances for turnovers in unprotected rollout

07:38 Cadence

08:25 Play packages

10:00 3rd medium and long

10:45 Killing clock in 4-minute offense

11:17 Practicing these situations

12:25 Make players aware of clock management

12:45 Make personnel clear

15:20 Remember to have a plan

16:00 National Conference information


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