[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski shares a page of his notebook on calibrating the passing game

By USA Football | Posted 9/26/2018


In this episode of USA Football’s Coach and Coordinator podcast, host Keith Grabowski shares another page from his notebook. This time, he discusses how calibrating the passing game and focusing on the details can help the passing game from the mid-season on.

Coach Grabowski’s gap escape drill and game application:






Show Notes

00:19   An example of how rhythm and timing is affected on game day

01:05   Evaluate how a wrinkle affects the timing for QB and receivers

01:30   Background in learning from Homer Smith’s teaching

02:20   1.8, 2.4 and 3.0 as key points in a progression

02:43   Value of understating the details of your concepts especially as related to timing

03:21   Understanding common calibration times

03:35   Move eyes and feet through the progression

03:50    Timing of common routes

04:21    Escape route for the QB as part of the progression

04:45    Dub Maddox and Dan Gonzalez rhythm features of their system

05:26    Navigation tags

05:38    Rhythm feature as applied to QB drop

06:15    Rhythm feature as applied to receivers          

06:55    Benefits of using the rhythm feature

07:45    Routes requiring hitch steps in QB drop

08:30    Counting receiver steps

09:29    Using the stop watch in practice and film to calibrate the passing game

11:35    Evaluation through calibration

11:47    Quick game timing

12:10    Defensive considerations to hurt calibration

12:29    RPO calibration

Get Coach Grabowski’s Coaches’ Note on pocket presence here.

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