[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski, Andy Ryland provide drills with high momentum, less contact

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 10/10/2018


On this week’s Deliberate Practice series, Keith Grabowski and Andy Rylan follow last week’s topic of juice with momentum. How can coaches have the momentum needed in practice to get quality reps in practice without the extra collision? Keith and Andy talk about some unique ways to get those reps without this from happening. They provide resources from coaches and our football development site as it can give new ideas to coaches to implement right now.

02:00 Andy’s thought of momentum

03:30 Losing the contact but keeping the quality

04:10 Keith’s work with shields

08:20 Coaches using bags

09:15 Adding the elastic bands

10:55 Making the drill real

11:48 Using the physioball

13:35 Getting that force with little to no collision

16:00 Extra point and field goal

17:15 Using distraction for focus

18:30 King of the ring drill

20:40 Resources

21:55 Twitter


22:00 Football Development


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