[PODCAST] Former FBS defensive coordinator, Art Kaufman, discusses how to defend the option with Keith Grabowski

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 10/15/2018


This week on the Game Plan series, co-host Keith Grabowski and Charlie Coiner discuss the defensive side of the ball. They have former FBS defensive coordinator, Art Kaufman on the program. He gives great perspective on how to defend the option game, up-tempo and checks on defense. He reminisces to his coordinator days facing some of the best option attacks and some of what worked for him to defend it. Having a wealth of knowledge in this style of defense, coach Kaufman gives specific examples and ideas that can apply to defenses going forward.

Show Notes

02:05 Art Kaufman bio

05:00 Recognizing formations and what they can do

08:33 2 high and 1 high vs. option

10:12 Breaking down defensive line technique

11:40 You have power or position

14:00 Dealing with up-tempo

16:30 Always check the sideline

18:18 All on the same page

19:05 Coach Coiner’s story

21:00 Commit to what they commit to 

Stunt to RB

22:30 Take your scheme and adjust

24:00 Assignment football

25:15 Unique practice ideas

Scoop & Score drill

28:30 Coach Kaufman & Coiner’s Music City memory

32:10 Find a way to keep it simple

32:40 First Down Playbook


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