[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski, Charlie Coiner talk with former FBS coach Jim Hueber about converting short yardage, goal line situations

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 11/5/2018

This week in the Game Plan series, Coach Keith Grabowski and Coach Charlie coiner talk to former FBS Coach Jim Hueber about the importance of short yardage play on offense. He talks about the difference in gameplay from personnel and detail. He also gives tips and tools of what he did that were helpful and how to add those tips into gameplay. He laid out very precise coaching for coaches to quickly implement.

Show Notes:

01:10 Coach Coiner’s observation

02:18 Coach Jim Hueber’s bio

04:35 Looking for advantages without changing personnel

06:05 Don’t have the time to work the bigger package

06:50 Can you protect the edge without bigger personnel?

07:10 Why don’t you have the time?

07:35 What are you spending your time on?

08:30 How Coach Hueber got creative with personnel

09:06 There are ways to make it happen if you feel like there’s advantage

10:50 The free hitter on goal line

11:10 Look at you personnel for the advantage

11:50 Sell your scheme

12:30 Use the kids you can win with

13:00 Protecting your edges

14:40 What scheme Hueber favors on goal line

15:57 Stress toughness and believe

17:00 How to scheme short yardage as a spread team

18:10 Shotgun v. under center

19:55 Hueber’s philosophy on splits and technique on goal line

20:40 All a part of preparation

22:00 Teaching the QB sneak

25:20 Never take anything for granted

26:40 No nonsense approach

27:50 Keith’s reflection on short yardage

28:50 You must fit it in your personnel

29:30 You can be creative within the spread

29:55 Keith reflects application on Mt. Union

32:10 Charlie reflects on goal line

32:45 Offensive line coach and offensive coordinator relationship

33:40 First Down Playbook

34:22 National Conference


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