[PODCAST] The Advanced Tackling System with Richie Gray and Andy Ryland

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 11/13/2018

Coaches Keith Grabowski, Andy Ryland and Richie Gray discuss skill development and how that affects the game. The coaches emphasize the importance of putting a focus on skill development and finding ways to develop skills year-round.

Gray introduces the philosophy behind upcoming USA Football’s Advanced Tackling System and explains how the system quickly moves from theory to practice by understanding key performance indicators.

You can sign up for a sneak peek into the Advanced Tackling System by clicking here.

Show Notes:

:00 Advanced Tackling System

02:15 Skill development

03:30 What makes up a scheme?

04:12 Are we making players better?

04:50 Is the whole building working to better the player?

05:50 Andy’s observation of skill development

06:55 How much does scheme dominate practice?

10:00 Working skills all year round

11:20 How much time do we have?

13:10 Shape drills

14:10 The players must be comfortable

15:20 Bias of scheme taking over skill

15:55 Technique errors

17:15 Reframe coaching

17:20 Designating a contact coach

19:15 Its about the evolution

20:20 After you grade a player how do you make them better?

21:20 Be prescriptive

22:15 5 fights of tackle

23:18 Time

24:50 Injuries

25:33 Poor technique

26:20 Using film for knowledge

28:15 It’s about how you go about coaching it

29:40 Skill development

31:00 Angle tackle drill example

32:10 5 fights tackle system

35:36 Must understand why you’re doing it

36:05 Breaking down the “fight” in 5 fights of tackle

38:25 Make it simple

40:05 Andy’s thought on the tackle systems

42:40 This is a coaching system

44:05 KPI helping coaches

46:26 Football development initiative

47:28 Safety through superior technique and coaching

48:20 Wanting the players to play better

49:25 It goes back to practice

50:35 Everybody needs to be involved

51:28 The players write the practice script

53:05 Addressing the individuals

53:56 Individual ownership

54:45 Individually prescribed work

58:50 Football Development

1:00:00 Advanced Tackling System



Your defense is only as good as each tackler. Equip your staff with a common language, a systematic teaching progression and evaluation tools to coach better tacklers.