[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski shares a page from his notebook about player evaluations

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 11/19/2018

On today's podcast, Coach Grabowski shares another page from his notebook. Today's topic is focused on postseason player self-evaluations to serve as the conversation topics for postseason meetings. Each section of the self-evaluation is discussed in detail as well as the reasons why they are included and what the data and information can tell the coaching staff about the dynamics of their team and players.

 01:10 Page 1 - Self-evaluation of the player using a 1-10 scale on:

  1. Football preparation
  2. Promoting the program
  3. Social behavior
  4. Attitude
  5. Passion for the game
  6. Communication
  7. Punctuality
  8. Being a good teammate
  9. Dependability
  10. Rest and sleep
  11. Diet
  12. Toughness
  13. Leadership

04:32 Page 2 - Typical contact information on player.

05:11 Page 3 - Information on positional, physical, classroom, other sports played, as well as potential names of recruits within the school.

08:54 Page 4 - Personal information — tell us more about you.

10:10 Page 5 - Tell us more about our team — best players, most liked teammates, least liked teammates.

12:25 Page 6 - Tell us about our opponents — your favorite teams, your favorite athletes.

16:40 National Conference

18:04 National Conference promo code


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