[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski shares a page from his notebook about the recruiting process, guidelines for coaches

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 11/30/2018

This week in Keith Grabowski’s notebook, Keith pulls a page from his notebook about the recruiting process for coaches and players. Coach Grabowski has been on both sides of the spectrum as a high school coach and college coach. He breaks this process down to coaches, so they can be best prepared and helpful in recruiting.

Show Notes:

 00:43 National Conference

01:07 Football Development

02:00 Recruiting season

02:58 Coach’s duty to help in recruiting

03:35 Contact period

04:17 Evaluation period

04:50 Quiet period

05:25 Dead period

06:00 Know the periods

06:35 Make administration aware

07:50 Tips for the contact period

10:30 It’s not always possible for coaches to meet with recruiters

11:40 Division III coaches discuss and arrange times

12:12 Plan ahead for coaches

13:13 How do you prepare your student athletes?

14:10 Cover letter

14:55 Outline of recruiting

15:16 Alert athletes and parents of recruiting periods

16:50 Students succeeding in academics & citizenship

17:45 Understand what schools are looking at

18:25 Telling them how it works

19:02 Help them evaluate colleges on their own

19:45 Information for parents

20:12 Planning visits and addressing test scores

20:40 NAIA

21:16 NCAA clearing house

21:55 Guidelines for highlight tapes

23:55 Have a prospect sheet

25:30 Know if the athletes want to play next level and the specific levels

26:30 Identify who all has the ability

27:50 Prospect sheet for seniors

28:50 Guidelines for players dealing with recruiters

33:50 Understand the different levels of football

35:15 Contact Coach Grabowski:


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