[PODCAST] Keith Grabowski, Andy Ryland talk to contact coach Scott Peters about the Contact System

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 12/5/2018

This week in the Deliberate Practice series, coaches Keith Grabowski and Andy Ryland talk with former NFL lineman and contact expert Scott Peters about developing skill in the offseason. Peters discusses the USA Football Contact System as way to develop all your players this offseason. The Contact System incorporates technical movements and allows coaches to build technique from the ground up that apply directly to the game. Peters discusses how this can be implemented into an offseason program.

Show Notes:

01:30 Missing opportunities to develop skills in the offseason

02:18 Contact is a skillset

03:27 It starts with the coach

06:30 Working on skill development as many times as possible

07:30 Contact System – top 2 objectives of achievement

08:13 Safety through superior technique

09:00 Movement patterns

10:10 Shape

11:40 Don’t have to be playing football to train the technique

12:57 Development of skills

13:50 There’s no excuse not to develop yourself when information exists

14:40 Importance of movement patterns

16:00 “Talent Code” patterns example

17:17 Performance and safety

18:30 Contact System can work in all schemes

19:10 Finding all the common denominators

20:15 Stop thinking about what we used to do

20:35 Evolution is in the technique, not scheme

22:15 Shape, sharpen and polish the spear

23:35 Competition is the measuring stick

25:20 Hip series

26:05 Shape drills

27:50 Coil, uncoil and fit/finish drills

28:17 Look at your warm-ups

29:50 Refit drill

30:55 Forensic detail

31:18 Andy’s super set example

32:12 Everybody should be improvising and innovating

32:33 Investment of time

35:05 What’s added to the USA Football Contact System in 2019


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