[Podcast] Game Plan Your Next Job - A Winning Cover Letter, Resume & References with Chris Fore

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 12/10/2018

Show Notes:

This week in the Coach and Coordinator series, Keith Grabowski starts a special series about the hiring season for coaches. Keith talks to former coach, now assistant principal at Yucca Valley high school Chris Fore. Chris is an expert in the field of resumes, cover letters and references. They discuss ideas in his book, “An Insider’s Guide To Scoring Your Next Coaching Job”. They share tips from personal experience ways to be proactive and unique in the process.

02:22 Is it the right time to be a head coach? Factors to consider

06:45 Evaluate what the next situation looks like

09:35 Reaching out to the principal and athletic director

13:08 Football Scoop

13:30 Keith’s reliable resources

14:50 Cover letters

16:15 5 keys to the cover letter

19:03 Do prior research of the program

20:00 Not every job and community are the same

21:50 Be connected to the community

22:50 Formatting the resume

24:05 No need for job description

24:55 Use stats, facts and figures

26:07 Chris’s resume example

27:30 The resume gets you into the interview room

27:55 Resume formatting examples

31:32 Direction for recommendation letters

32:50 Collect as many different letters of recommendations as possible

35:00 Only send what’s asked of you

37:15 Interview tips

42:00 Chris’s toughest question in an interview

44:15 Keith’s toughest question in an interview

44:42 How to go about the strength and weakness question

45:50 Contact coach

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