[Podcast] Game Plan Your Next Job - The Coaching Portfolio that pops with Bill Vasko

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 12/11/2018

Show Notes:

Today on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast Keith Grabowski continues the series “Game Plan for Your Next Job.” Keith talks to coach Bill Vasko about building a coaching portfolio. Coach Vasko has become a resource for coaches to assist them with portfolio development through his website, coachingportfolio.com. Coach Vasko made this website while he was going through the hiring process as a coach and joins Keith to discuss what he’s learned through his career.  He offers valuable tips for coaches currently applying for jobs.

:00 National Conference

 02:52 Coach Vasko’s journey

05:30 To prepare and succeed in the hiring process

06:45 Vasko’s start with portfolio development

07:35 Think about ideas and philosophy

08:20 Keith’s observation of portfolios

09:25 Have to start putting ideas together

10:12 Things to have in the portfolio

10:45 Presentation

11:30 Content

12:10 Things relevant and important to the job

14:15 Do research upfront

15:25 Narrow down on the jobs you’re interested in

17:30 Importance of visuals

20:00 Showing plans and work samples

21:10 Make philosophies summarized and understandable

22:15 Don’t do it just for the portfolio

23:35 Advantage of the internet

25:25 Constant development as a coach

26:45 Coach Vasko’s portfolio development

27:40 Keith use of iBook

29:00 Customizing covers for schools

31:20 Getting information to the committee before the interview

32:21 Coach Vasko’s example sharing his portfolio

34:00 Emphasis on you as a person and coach

34:50 Evaluate that committee

35:40 What to include as a young coach

36:30 Think and prepare as a young coach

37:40 coachingportfolio.com

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