[Podcast] Lessons from 2018 with Dave Walker discussing his two quarterback system and importance of development in scout team

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/2/2019

Show Notes:

In today's episode of the Coach and Coordinator Podcast Keith Grabowski talks with coach Dave Walker about lessons learned in the 2018 season. In 2018, Coach Walker's Martinsburg Bulldogs won their 3rd straight state championship. Walker now has seven total state titles, and a 42-game winning streak. The longest active streak in West Virginia. Keith and Coach Walker discuss his unique two quarterback system, importance of development in scout team and preview Walker's Presentation for National Conference.

01:55 - Coach Walker reflecting on 2018

03:12 - Developing all the players with scout team

04:05 - Making the scout team important

05:20 - Working the two-quarterback system

07:05 - Getting buy in to support both quarterbacks

08:32 - Getting enough work for success for both quarterbacks

09:55 - How coach Walker rotated quarterbacks

11:30 - Unselfishness

12:10 - Incorporating the run game

13:35 - Blocking in the run game: Belly

14:45 - Play-Action

15:45 - RPO with Counter

16:50 - 3rd level RPO keeping the linemen from down field

18:00 - Quarterback reading the 3rd level RPO

19:00 - Winning Edge

19:50 - Coach Walker's National Conference Preview

20:30 - Coach Walker's National Conference experience

21:48 - National Conference

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