[Podcast] Your Call - F.R.E.A.K. with Tim Sauer

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 1/18/2019

Show Notes:

In today’s podcast Keith Grabowski is joined by Tim Sauer, head coach at Jesup Community School (IA), in the “Your Call” series. Coach Sauer introduces his F.R.E.A.K acronym that helps control the culture climate in his program. Grabowski and Coach Sauer discuss why it was made and how it is used in his program.

 00:47 Creating F.R.E.A.K

02:20 Process of creating F.R.E.A.K

03:10 Expectations in F.R.E.A.K


03:15 No Fluff

05:00 Respect

07:00 Enthusiasm

09:15 Always count on me

11:18 Keep swinging

12:55 Sharing F.R.E.A.K with the players

14:26 Integrating F.R.E.A.K into Jesup Football

15:40 Involving the staff to set the standard

16:37 Evolving F.R.E.A.K down the road

17:45 Connect with coach:

Twitter: @timothyjsauer

18:00 Focus3 & Football development

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