Why Volunteering Makes the Youth Football Experience Even Better for Parents

By Peter Schwartz | Posted 2/1/2019

One of the great joys of being a parent is getting the opportunity to watch your child partake in activities they love, such as sports. While it’s exciting to cheer on your child, being a youth football parent can mean even more when you decide to go beyond the sideline to volunteer.

Some parents get involved through coaching, a job that requires a tremendous amount of responsibility, time and passion. However, you can also play your part at practice and on gamedays without taking on the full commitment and responsibility of a coach.

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One of the most important responsibilities that a volunteer can have is helping out with fundraising, whether it’s through raffle tickets, snack bars, apparel sales or something else. Fundraising is essential as it brings in the financial support for the league, which goes toward everything from equipment to uniforms.

Another way for parents to get involved is by volunteering to be the team photographer. If you have photography skills and a good camera, get into the game and capture the priceless moments for everyone. You can even set up a social media account to share your best photos. Depending on the venue, there may also be an opportunity for parents to help out and get engaged by announcing the game or playing music.

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Want to include the whole family? There are even opportunities for athlete’s siblings to get involved, including helping with raffle tickets, handing out halftime snacks and even holding the American flag for the National Anthem. 

While exploring these options, always remember that the most important thing about youth football is the children who are playing the game. Whether it’s a gameday, practice or fundraiser, you can make an impact in your athlete’s league through volunteering!