[Podcast] Match Quarters & Hybrid Defenders - Cody Alexander

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 2/7/2019

Show Notes:

Today on the Coach and Coordinator podcast, Keith Grabowski is joined by coach Cody Alexander, the secondary coach at Midlothian (Texas) High School. He has written two books on defending modern offenses, “Cautious Aggression: Defending Modern Football” (2017) and “Hybrids: The Making of a Modern Defense” (2018). Grabowski and Coach Alexander discuss his coaching journey, what influenced him to write as well as what knowledge he hopes coaches gain from these books.

02:12 Coach Alexander’s coaching journey

07:35 Take opportunity, ask the right questions

09:27 From Baylor to Midlothian High School

12:20 Genesis of it all, Cautious Aggression and Hybrids

18:55 Keeping the defensive innovative

21:18 Defending formation to the boundary

25:35 Keeping leverage

27:50 Being creative on the offensive side of the ball

31:25 Hybrid players

38:07 Counter react modern offense with space

43:10 Trends

45:10 Connect with coach:

Match Quarters

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