[Podcast] Staff Approach to Helping Players get Recruited - Brian Lawson

By Keith Grabowski | Posted 3/1/2019

Show Notes:

Keith Grabowski was joined by Jeff Davis High School (Hazlehurst, Ga.) recruiting coordinator Brian Lawson. Coach Lawson shared his role as recruiting coordinator, the importance of that role in high school and advantages this role presents schools.

Recorded live at the 2019 USA Football National Conference.

00:53 What Coach Lawson loved about National Conference

01:45 Role as a recruiting coordinator

03:22 Detail in the process for setting student-athletes up for success

04:46 Parents using coaches for their children’s recruitment

06:17 Promoting the opportunity of a free education

07:52 Advantage of having a recruiting coordinator

09:32 Importance of making recruiting easy for colleges

12:15 Skill set to be a recruiting coordinator

13:40 Connect with coach:

Twitter: @Jdfbrecruits


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